Affiliate Programs


The Mandingo Condoms Network Cash Affiliate Program provides you with the opportunity to earn money on all  sales generated by referring your site's visitors to purchase products at Once you become an approved affiliate, we will supply you with marketing materials. All three variations of the Affiliate program get activated with the same Affiliate Code in registration.


There are two easy ways to start- Online Affiliate and Offline Flyer. When you sign up, both programs will be activated and you can use one or both, it's your choice. 


Ready to be a part of the MCNCash team? Here's how :

  Online Affiliate1. Have your website up and running.

2. Complete the affiliate application on Mandingo Condoms Cash Affiliate Program Sign-Up.

We must be able to review your site before approving your application to be sure your website properly represents our brand. All affiliates  will be approved by MCNCash.


If your site requires a login to access. Please provide us with a demo login prior to submitting your application.

  Offline Affiliate

Offline Affiliate order form allows you to reorder free Offline Affiliate flyer books. Allocate at least one week for the flyers to arrive in your mailbox. If you need more than one book (7 flyers) please indicate it within the comments.

  ReportingYour Affiliate User Account has all the information and reports needed to navigate the program, including; Traffic Report, Orders Report, Commission Report, Problem Order Report, Friends of Affiliate Report, Payment History Report, and Aggregate Main Report. Browsing through all of them shows you essential indicators such as how many clicks your postings receive, how much business is generated, commission amount you have earned, and when payout is scheduled.  

Read our Frequently Asked Questions: MCNCash Affiliates FAQ


Questions, suggestions and request are most welcome at -


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